Oh, Calgary!

By Cheryl Currie
on February 07, 2017

Oh, Calgary!

I had the pleasure of attending Market Collective this past weekend in Calgary, Alberta (my home away from home) I arrived in spring-like conditions and left in a full blown snow storm.❄️

It's been 5 years since my last market, and it feels like nothing has changed. The venue has of course (I DO miss the now demolished Ant Hill Building in the heart of Kensington) but the customers, vendors, organizers and volunteers are as amazing as ever!

Newbies and veteran vendors made an eclectic mix of quality handmade goodness. My neighbours made all the difference and a great time was had by all.

I will be back in Calgary for Lilac Festival on Sunday, June 4th!

DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

By Cheryl Currie
on October 26, 2016

DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

I really can't get enough of the awesome & unique ways to organize jewelry out there! Shops near me, HomeSense, Winners and the like, all have such limited choices for getting your necklaces & pretties on display.

Enter Pinterest. I discovered a wonderfully photographed & outlined project by Made in a Day, that's easy to put together. It won't break the bank and won't take up much wall real estate either!

Photos are from Made in a Day blog and the full project can be viewed here:
DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

Happy crafting!


Saskatoon Road Trip

By Cheryl Currie
on May 12, 2016

Just shy of 600kms, I hit the road with my mom in tow for Flock & Gather Craft Collective Springtime Market, in Saskatoon.

It was our 2nd time there and this spring didn't disappoint! We met some fabulous customers (new and returning) and made a few vendor friends.

Vector Coffee Company was there again with a portable barista station, serving up 49th Parallel Espresso. A bag of beans came home with me.

Our neighbour, Savannah of Swish & Craft embroiders tongue-in-cheek sayings for the home (AND sold out by Saturday!) I also found a light grey corduroy hat from Oldhat, based out of Winnipeg.

Next was Little Bird Patisserie. Heads turned and we all started to drool when the baked goods (both sweet & savory options) were carted into the kitchen. Mom and I proceeded to enjoy what will be forever known as THE BEST chocolate chip cookie we've ever tasted. Which, I should add was still warm from the oven. Pure magic!

A good time was had by all and the weather was fantastic. I hope to be back with lots of Cloud & Lolly goodies for the Christmas show!



Styling Cloud & Lolly with Emily of Sparkles, Lace & Sequins.

By Cheryl Currie
on March 04, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of working with Emily, who shares her love of fashion and style on her Sparkles, Lace and Sequins blog and on Instagram. She loves finding and sharing inspiration on social media and is easily distracted by pretty things of all kinds, especially great bags, fantastic shoes, and classic clothes, and of course, jewelry. Enjoy her post below and styled photos. ~ Cheryl

Enter Cloud & Lolly, the jewelry design company of local artisan Cheryl Currie.
I have admired Cheryl’s pieces for years as I strolled the downtown Edmonton Farmers Market and enjoyed seeing what new designs she came up with. Cheryl’s pieces are unique, slightly edgy, and made of the most beautiful metals with semi-precious stones and vintage elements that I absolutely love. In Cheryl’s own words: “I strive to create unique and innovative designs. My jewelry encourages strength, confidence and a sense of adventure in its wearer.” I definitely have to agree.

Among my favourite pieces are the Rhombus Spike Necklace and the Chunky Chain Bracelet. I have been searching for ages for the perfect long pendant to wear with dresses, sweaters, tunics – you name it. I have a few (ok, more than a few) at home, but none of them have seemed right, so I keep searching for a new one. But this necklace was perfect the second I tried it on – the right shade of gold, the exact length I was looking for, and with eye-catching detail. As you can see on Instagram, I have been wearing it a lot and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

I also love the Chunky Chain Bracelet, which has the most beautiful and intricate design. This bracelet is light and easy to wear and looks gorgeous on its own or as part of an arm party (and you know I love a good arm party). The design stood out to me right away and it is definitely becoming a favourite.

Although I’m a fan of statement necklaces, I tend to keep my earrings a bit more simple, and Cloud & Lolly’s studs are the perfect style for me. The Pyrite Stud Earrings are the epitome of minimalistic style. Similarly, the  Brass Triangle Studs are a big favourite of mine. Much like my struggle to find the perfect long pendant, I have collected various types of gold and brass coloured studs at home, all in an effort to find a perfect pair of simple earrings to wear with my gold jewelry (usually without much luck). I love these ones because they are understated and different at the same time and I nearly forget I am wearing them, they are that light and comfortable. Simply elegant, they look great with everything.

A few of my top picks (some of which I have and some of which are on my wish list) include:

Rhombus Spike Necklace
Gemstone Bullet Necklace
Wild & Free Key Necklace
Chunky Chain Bracelet
Hexagon Charm Bracelet
Stardust Ring
Brass Triangle Studs
Stamped Triangle Earrings

Enjoy the pretty things in life,

Emily   xo

The 3 Most Amazing Uses of Rose Quartz

By Cheryl Currie
on March 02, 2016

Looking to open your heart? Or maybe just your heart chakra? Rose quartz may be the stone for you. Whether you wish to wear it as jewelry for everyday spiritual enhancement, or to use it as a powerful accessory during energy body work like Reiki, rose quartz can help to enhance several aspects of your life, but it will especially work towards helping you build those ineffable bonds that you make with the important people in your life—including yourself.

Rose quartz is associated with love—every kind of love—including romantic feelings, platonic friendship, the unconditional love of a mother towards a child, and even love of the self, the most important and central base to all the other kinds of love.

Let's take a look at a few of the best uses for this sacred mineral:


1) Enhancing our bonds and attracting new relationships.

Wearing rose quartz near your heart, perhaps as a necklace or other similar jewelry, can help keep the energy in your heart chakra flowing freely. A blocked heart chakra can result in broken relationships and a lack of compassion, so it's important to find ways to keep this energy center healthy, and using a powerful mineral like rose quartz is one of the easier ways.

Over time, it can allow you to become more open, subconsciously accepting the love that others give to you, even if it may come from unexpected sources. People who are more into the ritualistic side of things may occasionally cast love spells using this stone, though simply holding it close will activate your heart chakra and help it begin to attract love.

If you're looking for a new relationship or to repair one that seems to be on a downward spiral, you may want to reach for this stone.


2) Helping to make change smoother.

Sometimes we're resistant to change because we don't feel loved by the universe, because we feel a sense of loss as the norm of our old lives fade away to unravel the new. In a lot of ways, this is the root of a “broken heart.” It can happen particularly during times of change and transformation, such as during the break up of a long-term romantic relationship or after a death in ones family. It can be difficult to find your center when the winds of life seem to be tossing you around.

Rose quartz, carried close to your body, can help you to feel alignment again, to feel that sturdy feeling in your chest that everything is going to be all right. What that feeling of confidence is, at its core, is the feeling of self-love manifested as self-assurance. Rose quartz can help bring calmness to your life and help you get over the stress of change, which is good for your physical body as well as your spiritual one.


3) Increasing a sense of self-worth.

A diminished ability to love and get along with others is often just a superficial symptom of an inability to love ourselves. If you find that your relationships are constantly in trouble, that they are tumultuous and filled with drama, especially in the romantic realm, it could very well be that you do not love or appreciate yourself enough. Do you engage in negative self-talk? Do you look down on yourself for what you were unable to accomplish, and hold your love for yourself hostage to certain external requirements? Everyone deserves love. Everyone. And the only healthy way to love yourself is to do it unconditionally.

Wear the rose quartz not only as a visual reminder and symbol of this love, but as an energetic hub that will direct the unconditional loving source energy of the universe into your astral body as you go about your day, healing you of the things that make you feel inadequate. Over time, this mineral may help you attain that elusive feeling that “I am okay just as I am,” which is ultimately, deep in your unconscious mind, all that you are seeking anyway.

In need of some Rose Quartz in your life? I have designed three styles of necklaces, that you will fall in love with:

Rose Quartz Point Necklace
Triangle Talisman Charm Necklace
Gemstone Slice Necklace 

Is your jewelry a hot mess? I've got you covered!

By Cheryl Currie
on February 15, 2016
Cloud and Lolly Pinterest board

You would think that as an owner of a jewelry business, my collection of personal jewelry would be perrrrfectly organized and in it's place. Not. The. Case. If I want to wear a certain necklace, I have to untangle it from 6 more. My rings are in various spots, in small to large groups. It's all a HOT MESS. Enter Pinterest! I've gathered some awesome a creative ideas to get your jewelry in order. Lots of DIY if you want to make your very own. Go check it out!

Barbie is Looking a Little Less Plastic These Days!

By Cheryl Currie
on January 31, 2016

Barbie is Looking a Little Less Plastic These Days by Cloud and Lolly

"Faced with changes in beauty ideals, shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, Mattel decided to remake the iconic blonde. The new body shapes follow the addition of new skin tones and hair textures in 2015." - Time Magazine


Barbie has for decades been a favorite amongst preteen girls, and occasionally a source of annoyance for concerned mothers. If the disproportionately long legs and unrealistic waistline didn't perturb you, then her pale skin and decidedly blond aesthetic surely may have left you hankering for something a little more realistic and diverse. After all, there are many different kinds of bodies on many different kinds of human beings in the world...and Barbie hardly represents a single one of them.

Or rather, not until recently. To the joy of many young girls and moms alike, Barbie has gotten a much-needed make-over, and rather than appearing like the plastic celebrities that litter our tabloids, she's finally starting to actually more resemble the consumers who buy her. Say hello to the new Barbie: She is more than just one body type and more than just one look. Thanks to the changes, children can now play with “curvy” Barbies, as well as tall ones and short ones, with many different body types and physical traits represented, a more realistic situation that celebrates what human bodies are reallylike—varied and diverse in their form, but each one just as beautiful as the next. Consumers will now be able to choose from a mix of various features—two dozen different hairstyles and 22 different eye colors, for instance—that make each Barbie seem like a unique individual.

Over the decades, our values in society have changed, and while we may have long overlooked the impact that toys like Barbie might have on the minds of the young girls and boys who love them, we're now becoming a more self-aware culture that wants to see itself reflected in the products that we use. We are more conscious of the importance of promoting a realistic and healthy body image in kids before they grow into adults with insecurities and self-esteem issues. We realize now more than ever before that even those of us who deviate from the average or the “norm” deserve to see a bit of ourselves in the toys that we play with.

Considering that feminists have long complained of Barbie's unrealistic look, Mattel's changes have been overdue, and in some ways it's surprising that it took as long as it did for the old company to catch up with cultural trends. While this could also be an attempt at recovering from waning sales, or increasing its revenue in international, less Anglo-centric markets, the company has indicated that it intends to keep up with the times, and that there was a growing interest in a Barbie that this new generation could better relate to.

Regardless of the motivation, if this small change to the face of such a familiar product is any sign of the times, then we can probably expect more positive changes in the future, and a more socially-conscious collection of toys for budding minds to play with. We can only hope that in the very near future, many brands of dolls will follow suit and come to represent the natural (and beautiful!) variations that are found in nature, rather than attempting to muffle and simplify the bright array of colors and tones and styles that we observe every day among the people that we love and interact with.


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Oh, Calgary!

February 07, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending Market Collective this past weekend in Calgary, Alberta (my home away from home) I...

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